• Business Succession Concepts

    A comprehensive set of tools to address all areas of business succession planning

  • Cash Flow Decisions

    Will taxation, capital gains, RMDs, asset distribution order, post-retirement salaries, other income, and potential MAGI reductions affect your Social Security recommendation?

  • Social Security Pro

    Social Security answers that clients will understand.

    Move quickly from Social Security questions to financial solutions. The extensively researched, patented user interface is so easy to use that we recommend you turn it over to your client.

  • Social Security Lead Gen

    Every advisor’s biggest challenge is a continuing source of quality leads. Not just prospects, but leads who want to talk to you. Social Security Lead Gen is your personal 24/7 prospecting partner. It’s the perfect complement to Social Security Pro (or any other Social Security tool). Add it to your other prospecting methods to boost your results.

  • Zuryc's Retirement Road Map ®

    Six basic questions mean no pre-retiree can say “I don’t have time.”

    Show how your client’s assets and income give them flexibility to take the best Social Security option. Then demonstrate how to reduce retirement risks with annuities and life insurance.

  • Ready-2-Retire

    A web-based, client-interactive prospecting and client retention tool.

    Say good-bye to “calculator-thinking” and move the client away from numbers and into lifestyle planning. Get to the emotional side of decision making and connect with people in a whole new way.

  • Life Goals

    Classical needs presentations updated for today's clients.

    One program to solve multiple client insurance and investment needs. Focus on a specific need or multiple needs.

  • Qualified Plan Concepts

    Calculate and demonstrate seven of the most effective uses of 401(k) and IRA distributions.

    Show how qualified plans are an integral part of retirement income planning. Present effective uses of qualified plan distributions, avoid penalties, convert to Roth, multi-generational planning, and more.

  • Estate Planning Concepts

    Open the door to discussing bequests, estate equalization, charitable bequests, and family business concerns.

    It’s great for smaller estates—under $5,000,000—and it lets you discuss estate planning without being an expert—let the software be the expert.

Live Online Training

Weekly 30-minute live webinars are designed to help you jump-start your knowledge and use of our software applications.

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