How do I get more clients?

Every advisor’s biggest challenge is a continuing source of quality leads. Not just prospects, but leads who want to talk to you. Social Security Lead Gen is your personal 24/7 prospecting partner. It’s the perfect complement to Social Security Pro (or any other Social Security tool). Add it to your other prospecting methods to boost your results.

Catch Prospects When They First Start Looking

Many prospects for Social Security and retirement planning first start researching online. You can use your website, Google Adwords, social media, postcards, and other printed material to direct interested prospects to your personal Social Security site.

With your personal Social Security site, prospects can play with their Social Security options on their computer, tablet, or even their smartphone. Unlike other Social Security prospecting sites, they see their numbers — not hypothetical case studies. Prospects self-qualify by playing with their benefit projections and seeing how their choices compare with optimal Social Security planning.

Leads Go Directly To Your Lead Dashboard

When prospects submit their contact information, you will immediately receive an e-mail notification. That lead also goes straight to your PlanFacts Lead Dashboard. From there you can follow-up and even create a new Social Security Pro case directly from the lead.

Your Own Personal Social Security URL

With Social Security Lead Gen you get your own personal URL. Think of it as a mini-website that gives your prospects an interactive playground to explore their Social Security benefit options. Include your personal URL in your email signature, include it on your website, promote it with online ads, and social media.

Try this sample URL to see Social Security Lead Gen in action: www.JohnAdvisor.SocialSecurity.Life.

Your Own QR Code

You’ve seen those square boxes of random blocks on everything from magazine ads to breakfast cereal. The reason? They make it easy to get more information by opening a reader app and pointing your phone at them. With your Social Security Lead Gen subscription you’ll have your own QR Code that will take the prospect directly to your Social Security site on their smartphone. That’s a good thing too. More searching is done on smartphones and tablets than anywhere else.

Put your QR Code on the back of your business card, on brochures, on postcards, and seminar materials. Don’t worry if some prospects don’t know what they are. The ones who do will appreciate the convenience; the ones who don’t will ignore it (they also make you look smart and tech savvy).

Try it for yourself! If you don’t know how to use QR Codes with your phone, this link will tell you how. Point your smartphone’s QR Code app at the code above and go to our sample site.

A Professional Lead Generation Solution

  • Personalized for you
  • Your own unique URL
  • Your own QR Code
  • Professional design
  • Integrates seamlessly with Social Security Pro

See for Yourself—Risk Free

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